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What Will Canceling Credit Cards Do To My Credit Score?

Which credit cards should you cancel to have the least negative impact on your credit score? Canceling old credit cards that you don't use anymore shouldn't have too much of an effect on your credit score as long as the remaining cards are kept to a balance below 50% of your available credit. Your credit score will be higher if you are using and repaying credit, rather than just holding onto some old credit cards.   Play video

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Should You Use A Credit Monitoring Service?

Do you need a credit monitoring service? You can pull your credit report once a year for free from each of the three credit reporting bureaus from AnnualCreditReport.com, but you might want to monitor your credit more frequently. If you feel that you are at risk for identity theft, your personal information has been compromised, or you just want to keep an eye on your credit score, you might want to use a credit monitoring service. With a credit monitoring service you should be able to see your credit report and credit score, be notified when any changes occur, and depending on the service, freeze and unfreeze your credit file.   Play video

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